C3 independently verify which products pay-back as expected and identify reasons for underperformance.

Measurement and VerificationAccredited by EVO as Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals we  provide IPMVP adherent reports.

In a world where all products are promoted as energy efficient, we cut through the noise. Working alongside clients such as the MoD, Eden Project, EDF, Wrigley, Plymouth University and Actavis Pharmaceuticals we have gained valuable experience of determining savings from a broad range of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) adding significant value to our independent M&V planning service.

The purpose of an M&V plan is to provide proof of the effectiveness of Energy Management. Given that increasingly contracts are being entered into between two organisations relating to the creation of value through the reduction of energy usage it imperative that the two parties agree on what constitutes “savings” for their given project. In our experience a great deal of misunderstanding and contention arises from the (lack of) definition of “savings”.

“Savings” are the absence of energy use and therefore cannot be measured. In order to resolve this we measure energy use both prior and post along with other factors and then adjust the baseline period energy use to the conditions of the reporting period in order to “determine” savings, which are then commonly reported as “avoided cost” in order to not confuse accountants.

The adjustments can be trivial, simple or complex and their extent depends on: