AMR data overload is a common problem, resulting in capital costs not returning the expected savings.

Profile Alerts

C3’s award winning ‘Profile Alerting and Corrective Action Reporting’ is the solution; developed in conjunction with our clients and available as a remote service via our Energy Efficiency Bureau, this award winning system guarantees your AMR systems deliver value. 

Significant cost-avoidance can be realised by highlighting excess consumption and focusing your site team to take rapid remedial action. Additional opportunities for further savings are also highlighted by comparing your building portfolio’s performance with similar buildings and energy systems within our wider database.

At the heart of the service is C3’s C3NTINEL™ software, producing the data which is reviewed by the highly skilled Energy Analyst – C3 staff who provide the ‘humanware’ to interpret the exceptions before providing your site team with a detailed, annotated Profile Alert. In addition to providing the ‘cost of taking no action’ the alert uses simple traffic light coding to signify the following:

Red - An increase in energy consumption or a dynamic waste event.

Amber - Clarification of a building’s operation or where greater awareness may result in energy reduction.

Green - Information about an improvement in energy efficiency.

Once issued, the Profile Alert is then tracked by our Energy Analysts who provide feedback to your site team on the effectiveness of any remedial action taken. Only when the fault has been resolved will the Alert be closed and the ‘cost-avoided’ tracked. With over 6,000 years of 30 minute data and knowledge of typical faults, our Analysts are uniquely positioned to guide your site team to the possible reasons behind the alerts (optimisers, sensor faults, passing valves, set-point changes, water leaks, passing steam traps, IN HAND etc).