Performance Dashboards provide accurate and independent high level reporting on your organisations performance against targets and goals.

Performance Dashboards

C3’s Dashboards report on performance of all incoming utilities and on-site low carbon generation at any level including individual energy systems, whole buildings, sites, regions and entire estates. The Performance Dashboards provide essential information to report on EnMS performance.

Performance Dashboards report against historical ‘absolute’ data or – our preferred method – ‘normalised’ data. C3’s C3NTINEL™ software allows our experienced Analysts to quickly identify the statistical significance of possible ‘driving factors’ and to then create a ‘normalised’ baseline model, which adjusts for factors such as weather, occupancy and production.

Our team work with you to create the look and feel of the report, so that it integrates into your organisation and client feedback suggests that such reports provide more time to proactively manage energy while providing an independent performance report to Senior Management.