C3 help you identify opportunities, verify savings and communicate success

All cost savings from energy efficiency will be grouped into three areas.

Our innovative and award winning Energy Efficiency Bureau service, C3NTINEL™ software and skilled staff combine to drive improved performance in all three areas, creating value from your Metering & Data collection systems.

Working alongside your existing staff and FM partners the Energy Efficiency Bureau provides technical expertise, software solutions, enthusiasm and focus to:

C3NTINEL™ goes far beyond other current M&T software by using ‘machine learning algorithms’ to analyse and recognise patterns in historical data as the basis for predicting future consumption. Actual consumption is then compared with the forecast model with the results monitored using a filtering algorithm that ensures that all deviations are automatically flagged for attention and remedial action.

The data modeling can be hourly based and run in real-time, allowing an intelligent assessment of consumption to be continuously performed and adjusted for factors such as current occupancy and weather conditions.