C3 save your money by minimising waste while ensuring capital investments perform as expected.

Energy Management System DiagramRising costs, increasing legislation and new technology  makes the business case for implementing an Energy Management System (EnMS) stronger than ever.

For many years C3 has been working with leading industrial, commercial and public sector organisations to verify their investments in technology and report on the overall performance of their Energy Management System (EnMS). This work provides us with valuable knowledge of which technologies work best and their typical payback time.

We have seen that a ‘scatter gun’ investment only approach, with no measurement or overall strategy, typically yields low ROI, is always high risk and often ends in failure. Those organisations that take a more strategic approach and integrate a formal EnMS within their wider business planning and reporting processes have the greatest success and continue to secure the financial support of the Directors.

All of C3’s products and services have evolved from working with our customers to meet their requirements and neatly compliment ISO14001 and ISO50001.

Our core services are grouped into three divisions and can be delivered individually or collectively by our enthusiastic team of account managers, data analysts, energy engineers and software developers: