C3 provide standalone weather stations to accurately record local conditions.

Energy usage in building’s is closely correlated to weather conditions; our research shows a building’s heating bill can vary by 30% annually depending on the weather. More often than not local weather data is not available and so ‘old school M&T’ uses regional Heating Degree Days, often at weekly resolution, fixed base temperatures and some distance from your location. Using real time weather data and the machine learning algorithms we deploy within our C3NTINEL™ software are the future; providing deep insight into how your buildings HVAC controls react to external factors and baseline models with reduced uncertainty for measurement and verification. The costs of modern data loggers and weather station instrumentation has decreased significantly over the last couple of years so the concept of each one of your sites having its own weather station is an affordable strategy.

We can provide turnkey weather stations; powered using solar and measuring the key factors; outside air temperature, solar irradiance, relative humidity and wind speed/direction.