C3’s products and services are designed to be cost-neutral with ‘cost-avoidance’ or savings outweighing the initial investment.

Dynamic waste events such water leaks and silent-hours heating faults add considerable costs to utility bills. Often these faults can go unnoticed, especially where meter readings are estimated, infrequent or only primary billing meters are read. 

Our C3NTINEL™ algorithms automatically raise alarms where consumption goes out of pre-defined limits. These can be set against ‘drivers’ such as production volumes, occupancy and outside air temperatures or against specific KPI’s such as compressor or boiler efficiencies. Our services take considerable leg work out of data gathering and reporting against performance baselines. With our extensive knowledge of the metering and AMR industry and using proven analysis techniques we can assure you that your turnkey utility monitoring system will be the most cost-effective available.