Delivered by an independent Certified Measurement and Verification Professional, with C3's ‘baseline’ modelling and metering.

The word ‘verification’ suggests analysis of data after a project has been implemented, but the reality is that 80% of the effort for producing an IPMVP adherent report happens before any project implementation.

To ensure that you get the best results it is essential that C3 is involved in projects early in the planning process. As the metering and data (needed for verification) is often not available during project planning, C3 provide a solution to gather data while project roll-out continues. The resulting data, used to determine a baseline, also influences the overall project through the identification of further energy saving opportunities.

C3 always include ‘calculated uncertainty’ around any reported savings; this is a requirement for an IPMVP adherent report. In our experience auditing projects, the uncertainty variable is often not taken into consideration or provided when reporting savings and while calculating uncertainty may be technically challenging, it is vitally important particularly if penalties for under performance or ‘gain share’ for over performance are included within any performance contract.

We strongly believe that Measurement & Verification should not be performed by the supplier or client due to the potential bias to see the project succeed. Having a project independently verified to full IPMVP adherent standards provides better data, analysis, interpretation and ultimately more credibility to projects while ensuring that reported savings are independently verified  –  especially important with publicly funded projects.