A clear picture of how your building’s heating and cooling systems perform allows for improved comfort control and reduced energy spend.

Temperature Mapping

C3 deploys portable wireless temperature and humidity sensors that use GPRS to send data to our servers every 5 minutes. 

Sensors are distributed throughout a building and the data is viewed on a web site with each sensor location shown on a floor plate drawing. As buildings are often designed without knowledge of occupancy, understanding the size and location of internal heat gains and the effects of solar irradiance during the day often means that start temperatures are set too high, leading to overshoot once the building is occupied. Results also identify that the BEMS sensors, which control heating and cooling are often incorrectly located, out of calibration and too few in number – all of which combine to challenge the control strategy.

Finding the areas within the building which are outside the agreed comfort levels allows heating and cooling systems control strategies to be optimised and opportunities such as introducing more zones to be evaluated.