One of the world’s most famous brands selling products in more than 180 countries with 14 factories across Europe and around the world including the United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines, Kenya, Taiwan, China, India and Russia…

Challenge:  Provide real time energy usage to staff to promote awareness and empower decision making within the manufacturing departments

The onsite metering system provides analysis of energy consumption and areas of waste, however with no easy access to such data, the manufacturing staff were unable to see the impact of better working practice. To minimise waste the energy team needed to provide metering data directly to staff in manufacturing areas, so that they could clearly see that plant and equipment was correctly shutdown prior to finishing work.

Thinking: Display real time power usage via local display screens

C3’s C3ntinel software provided analysis of historical sub-metering data for the previous 24 months and highlighted the specific areas that required attention. Each area was then provided with target power usage during non productive periods, with existing metering used to gather the necessary data. A large display screen in a prominent position now provides continual display of the weekly cost of excess consumption along with a cumulative total, giving everyone the information they need and a real impetus to shutdown plant correctly.

The display system also connects directly to the senior management team via mobile handsets, allowing operations staff to track data at all times and with additional large screen displays installed at clocking out points the whole workforce can see energy performance and take prompt action if required to ensure that targets are met.

Results:  Enduring savings of £100,000

C3’s analysis and resulting energy displays have proved popular at all levels within the company with annual savings in excess of £100,000 per year, the project paid for itself in less than 1 month and is now being rolled out to all areas of the site.