WRIGLEY COMPANY LTD ENERGY MAPPING AND REDUCTION: Communicating strategy to senior management.

One of the world’s most famous brands selling products in more than 180 countries with 14 factories across Europe and around the world including the United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines, Kenya, Taiwan, China, India and Russia…

Wrigley’s main UK factory is based in Plymouth where it manufacturers everyday favourites such as Extra, Airwaves, Spearmint, Juicy Fruit and Orbit.

Challenge:  visually communicate sub-metering data to senior management

The Plymouth site, with over 60 meters monitoring electricity at transformer and principal distribution circuit level, was well equipped to gather data, but with no easy way to clearly communicate this to management at board level the energy reduction proposals were in danger from a lack of support from key decision makers.

Thinking: Introduce SANKEY diagrams to display data from existing and portable metering

The existing metering provided kWh consumption through the electrical distribution network, but C3 was able to visually map the data against specific processes and business areas. By working alongside the engineering team, the electricity distribution network was mapped to nine specific manufacturing areas and five secondary generation resources (boilers, chilled water, compressed air, air conditioning /ventilation and dust extraction). Metered data was then analysed and ‘Virtual Meters’ created for each of the reporting areas. A SANKEY diagram format was selected as the tool to communicate findings.

Results:  Clear cost benefit analysis

C3 has worked with Wrigley’s Energy Manager to successfully communicate the energy reduction strategy to the Board, which has secured senior management support for this project along with the development of a future metering strategy, including sub-metering secondary resources, for costs allocation to further business and manufacturing areas.