The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew was founded in 1759, and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. Alongside Kew Gardens in London, a second country garden based at Wakehurst is the home of Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank. As well as being one of London’s top visitor attractions, Kew is also a world leader in plant science and conservation

Challenge. Demonstrating payment from savings to loan provider RE:FIT 

Under the RE:FIT scheme, suppliers guarantee a minimum level of annual energy savings over an agreed payback period. The savings resulting from reduced energy bills are then used to finance the project. Kew Gardens has invested significantly and projects include improved boiler controls, LEDs upgrades, voltage optimisation and site wide AMR sub-metering. C3’s job, as independent IPMVP consultants, was to design the M&V plan and then action it.

Thinking: Simplified data to manage expectations of all contracted parties

C3 is one of only a handful of Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals in the UK and with our hands on practical experience of verifying savings for prestigious clients we were thrilled to be selected to work on such a project.

Working alongside Kew, historical consumption data was analysed using C3’s C3ntinel software and baseline consumption models developed. Confidence and precision calculations were performed around the models so that all parties understood any uncertainty around savings calculations.

M&V Dashboards provided clear vision and reporting of the performance, with weekly feedback alerting all parties if the returns were not as expected; an essential tool within a large complex site with numerous boiler houses and complex plant. With a guaranteed minimum savings contract the supplier also needed to be aware of any changes made on site that may have had an impact on energy use.

Results:  Transparency around savings and positive relationship between supplier and client

Having C3 as an independent IPMVP qualified company, providing the measurement and verification, has given both parties confidence that all factors are being equally considered and that nothing is hidden. To assist this work all of the sites sub-meters are attached to the Intelligent Energy Bureau so any unexpected deviation in the sites energy is quickly identified and resolved, meaning that savings are maximised and the working relationship remains extremely positive.