ENVIRONMENT AGENCY PROFILE ALERTS FROM C3NTINEL: Annual savings on water costs of £36,000

The Environment Agency has the principal aim of protecting and improving the environment and promoting sustainable development along with a central role in delivering the environmental priorities of Government. The Environment Agency has over 500 sites currently connected to AMR across both head office sites and 21 area offices throughout the UK.

The Environment Agency has tough environmental targets of a 33% reduction in energy and 25% reduction in water by March 2015 against a 2005/06 baseline year.

Challenge: Providing resource to the Facilities Management team with essential data

Manley House in Exeter is the Southwest Regional Office with a combined energy and water spend of approximately £60,000 per annum. Investment has been made into the office building, such as the installation of new boiler controls, but the Facility Management staff do not provide the specialist fine tuning of the systems or the running of fault diagnostics.

Thinking: C3ntinel provides value from data for control and specialist support

Monthly Energy Performance Dashboards report on the sites energy and water performance against the 2015 target. Profile Alerts immediately flag faults, such as incorrectly operating heating controls and overnight shutdown procedures. The Energy Efficiency Bureau additionally highlights opportunities for investment and works with specialist contractors to implement.

Results: £3,000 / month avoided through waste reduction and correct heating configuration

C3’s Profile Alerts from C3ntinel were central in identifying and the subsequent repair of a water leak at the Manley House site, at first visible within the half-hourly consumption data as a relatively small additional overnight flow, becoming significantly bigger with a peak flow of 1m³/hour equal to an 800% increase in weekly consumption at a cost approaching £3,000 / month.