Devonport Royal Dockyard (HMNB Devonport) is largest naval base in Western Europe with a 650 acre site stretching four miles along the waterfront at Plymouth, comprising 14 dry docks, various tenanted businesses and the Fleet Accommodation Centre (FAC) at HMS Drake. In total, the site consumes approximately 200GWh per annum of energy at a cost approaching £10m.

Challenge: Provide metering and aM&T system to manage total cost of ownership (TCO) of tenanted buildings and building services

Energy Accounting Centres (EAC’s) included building services such as 25MW of steam generation and 2MW of compressed air along with the main factory, submarine and frigate refit complexes and nuclear facilities. Other EAC’s covered the tenanted buildings, which include the MoD and a large luxury yacht manufacturer as well as several other external businesses. Total cost of ownership (TOC) was required across the estate for all of the individual business units to provide a mechanism for apportioning energy costs.

Thinking: Integrated aM&T system encompassing primary billing meters, tenant sub-billing meters and building services sub-metering

C3 Resources performed an extensive metering survey across all EAC’s to identify additional metering requirements so that energy costs could be apportioned. Meticulous planning was required to overcome the challenge of working within a tightly controlled MoD and nuclear site to deliver the turnkey system.

Due to the sites geographical size and complexity a wireless AMR system from Energy Metering Technology was selected. The ‘DataBird’ system was connected to primary billing gas and electricity meters plus over 150 new electricity sub-meters. The ‘DataBird’ now forms a ‘radio umbrella’ over the entire site providing cost-effective expansion of the system. Billing water meters that were already connected to supplier AMR were also uploaded into the aM&T system, with bespoke interface software written to access and download data from the utility supplier.

Results: Seamless vision of EAC consumption profiles from various data sources with TCO being apportioned throughout the estate 

The turnkey aM&T system has provided Babcock Marine with the vision and control of energy and water consumption associated with the various EAC’s throughout the estate. Water, gas and electricity consumption data is automatically uploaded to a user-friendly online M&T suite which allows for energy analysis and reporting and the sub-billing of tenants.