BABCOCK EXCEPTION REPORTING FROM C3NTINEL: Annual savings on energy of £500,000

Babcock is the UK’s leading engineering support services organisation with revenue of £2.9bn and an order book in excess of £12bn. Babcock Infrastructure division works with public and private sector customers, delivering a range of property-related services which help customers to optimise the performance of their built estate.

Challenge: Partnering with C3 to create a best in class reporting mechanism

Babcock is tasked with reducing energy consumption throughout the MOD estate primarily by increasing operational efficiencies of existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and quickly identifying unnecessary waste through AMR systems. John Barnett, Energy Manager, Babcock Infrastructure Services, Regional Prime Contract South West said:

“Having a large and diverse estate within the MOD requires systematic and accurate energy management. When we established the Strategic Energy Management Programme (SEMP) for MOD (SW England) I required an expert and reliable partner to fulfil the required role of Intelligent Energy Monitoring Service in the form of an Energy Bureau.”

C3 Resources has been employed as Babcock’s Energy Bureau partner since 2007, working across over fifty MOD sites throughout the country with a combined energy spend in excess of £60m.

Thinking: Profile Alerts for rapid deployment of Babcock Energy Engineers

With over 3,000 metered points being continuously monitored by C3 Resources, Babcock needed a system that instantly flagged deviation from actual data against baseline modelled data provided by C3’s C3ntinel algorithm. In such circumstance C3’s Profile Alerts are compiled and generated by exception – allowing Babcock Energy Engineers to rectify known faults, rather than having to spend time trawling though masses of energy data.

Results: £500,000 of savings made through reduction of waste

In 2011/12 over half a million pounds of potential waste has been identified throughout the estate, with faults including out-of-hours heating and unauthorised increases in electrical baseloads.

C3 Resources rapidly took a formative position within the Energy Team providing well informed and accurate diagnosis of energy use. The enterprising methodology utilised by C3 as part of our energy team means that the energy programme undertaken by Babcock in the South West is now used as a model for energy management within MoD both in the UK and Germany.  This has led to a significant increase within the business we now undertake within MoD and an enhanced position with our client group. – John Barnett.