BABCOCK & MoD ENERGY PERFORMANCE DASHBOARDS Intelligence to track £60 million investment

Babcock is the UK’s leading engineering support services organisation with revenue of £2.9bn and an order book in excess of £12bn. Babcock Infrastructure division works with public and private sector customers, delivering a range of property-related services which help customers to optimise the performance of their built estate.

Challenge: Create a best in class energy performance dashboard using data from over 600 supply points 

C3 Resources has been employed as Babcock’s Energy Bureau partner since 2007, working across over fifty MOD sites throughout the country with a combined energy spend in excess of £60m.  Consumption data from over 600 separate metering supply points needed to be regularly collected and analysed from a mixture of data sources and the information made available in an intuitive single dashboard, communicating performance against two separate baselines.

Thinking: Integrate consumption data from different AMR systems and model using advanced numerical algorithms

Historical consumption records were reviewed and site surveys performed to locate the supply points and define data collection methods. Software was developed that integrated different AMR systems, connected to gas, oil, electricity, heat, water, oil and LPG meters. Advanced numerical algorithms – through C3ntinel – were then deployed to model the data and performance dashboards developed using innovative visual business intelligence communication techniques to convey performance and not just absolute consumption.

Results:  “Seen as the model in the MoD” – Matt Foley, Head of Central Programme Office for Energy

Our revolutionary approach has allowed Babcock to regularly communicate energy performance, at each of the sites it manages. The Energy Performance Dashboards verify that investments are returning savings as planned and giving both Babcock and MoD reliable data on which to develop strategic plans.